Forget a front door wreath!

Forget a front door wreath!

We had our house painted last year. It is aqua, with bright white trim and a honey colored front door. Any accents to the house such as outdoor lighting and the house numbers are black. And I LOVE it!!!

We also laid natural stone on our little entry porch. When thinking of what I wanted for my front door to welcome guests, the generic wreath wasn’t doing anything for me. While wandering my local Hobby Lobby one day an idea Popped in my head. (This happens a lot and sometimes I have to grab that idea before it melts into the netherworld and is lost forever, or at least until the middle of the night sometime when I can’t sleep and there it the front of my mind) lol. 

Why not take the plain metal word “hi” and create a front door piece. I was thinking black and white, it would pop and be both clean and whimsical at the same time. 

I wanted the “hi” on a rather simple round wood base. Best I could find was this lodge sign.  Now I set to painting them. 

Black for the base. I used black eggshell housepaint.

I could have spray painted the metal “hi”, but was out of white spray paint and wanted to just use what was on hand. Bright white semigloss housepaint. 

Nice and clean. A few coats each.

And there you have it. A fun, clean and straightforward “welcome” wreath “Lisa Style”. I kinda dig it.

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What a great way to give your front door a whimsical boost! I want to do something just like that for my newly painted front door. Thanks for the great idea!

Lee Ann Patzman

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