Whimsical Musings and Art from a girl who was a Flower in a past life.
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    I've been making things my entire life. in childhood, tiny clay food/accessories, handsewn and crocheted clothes for my dolls, handmade jewelry I sold to kids at school, even elaborately decorated mud cakes. <wink>

    My imagination has always been my best friend really. It kind of still is to this day.

    In my 20's I made seasonal character jewelry out of polymer clay, repping myself and selling to country stores, gift shops and at craft fairs. This led me to painting and sewing kids clothes and eventually painting scenes and poems on terra cotta pots and wood step ladders. At this juncture I had a sales rep and my work was in several shops through out southern and central California.  Painting on pots made me think, "hey, why don't I paint on walls and furniture?" So my business morphed into Murals and painting furniture for local Antique stores.   I painted hundreds of pieces of furniture, roses, florals, ivy, crackles, decoupage, etc. Also a couple hundred murals, from children's rooms, commercial, Signs, floors, clouded ceilings, faux marble, Trompe L'Oeil, tuscan scenes, motorcycles, the solar system, race cars, truly anything my clients desired I created for them. Even had a client who owned a music store, creating custom painted leather jackets, paintings on electric guitars and bongo drums!

    I attribute the ten years I spent painting Murals to my ability to paint multiple subjects in multiple styles and several mediums.  To this day, I remain pretty versatile artistically. 

    At 40, I plunged into the world of Vintage repurposing. Making new jewelry from old and building some pretty amazing display pieces which I sold at trade shows and various vintage venues throughout southern California.  I learned to Solder and taught a few classes in that as well. I really started to get known for the Fun and sometimes creepy Doll art which was created from old composition dolls.

    I pretty much have always been fearless to try new mediums and techniques, from woodworking to Mosaics as well. 

    But all the while in my 40's, my sculpting and painting bugs were itching me, urging me to come back to my roots. For the past several years, I have done just that. Sculpting with paper, stone and polymer clays, creating whimsical creatures. My Marie Antoinette dolls consumed virtually four years, creating and selling hundreds of them. Teaching monthly doll classes in my home studio and other venues and many many commissioned paintings as well as custom sign work for clients that sell at Vintage Shows.  I've taught one online class in polymer clay.

    My versatility really kept me from ever building a website, relying on selling right from Instagram, Facebook, Easy, commissioned orders and selling at a few shows per year has been what has kept me going.

    Now that I am fully committed to my painting, illustrating and sculpting, here is my site. My creative hub and online Home for me to share all of the wonderful creations I have planned.

    Paintings, illustrations and whimsical characters...and finally prints and greeting cards of my work will be available as well. Children's book illustrating and Licensing are my long term goals.

    My creative work has spanned over 30 years. Funny how life often brings us full circle, all of those years serving as a learning ground and adding to my art toolbox.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my creative journey and I hope you join me on what the future holds for my work.

    Much Love,